Petikan dari “Tuah Jebat Di PETRONAS” – Renungan Mohd Idris Mansor

September 8, 2015

Tentang ‘Seven Sisters’:

Dunai hari ini (2005) adalah amat berlainan. 30 tahun dulu, minyak dan gas merupakan domain beberapa syarikat minyak, iaitu “The Seven Sisters.” Apabila PETRONAS ditubuhkan, kami sebagai pekerja-pekerja yang diambil berkhidmat, secara tidak langsung, mejadi orang-orang yang paling aktif tentang industri minyak dan gas. Jadi, kami dipertanggungjawabkan dengan perundingan-perundingan yang perlu dibuat. Selain itu, apabila bos telah memanggil anda dan berkata, “kamu pergi laksanakannya,”anda akan berkata, “baik, tuan!” Anda tidak boleh berkata, “maaf tuan, saya tidak tahu bagaimana.”

Wish my staff were as enthusiastic for the bleeding edge.

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Malaysia’s Pengerang Terminals Receives First VLCC Clean Oil Shipment

November 28, 2015

Dateline 2015-10-16,

 Malaysia’s Pengerang Independent Terminals, jointly owned by storage operator Vopak and Dialog Group, received its first very large crude carrier shipment of clean products on Thursday, Vopak said.

The tanker MT Yuan Qiu Hu, which can carry 270,000 tonnes of clean oil products, was chartered by oil trader Trafigura to load gasoil at Pengerang, industry sources said.

The tanker left Yeosu, South Korea on Sept. 26 and arrived at Pengerang on Thursday, Reuters ship tracking data showed. It is likely heading to West Africa, traders and shipbrokers said, although this could not be confirmed.

While the Pengerang terminal – which started operations in March – has received hundreds of vessels of various sizes offering both clean oil products and crude oil, this is the largest shipment for clean oil products, Vopak said.

Located in the southern state of Johor, just across the Johor Strait from the Singapore trading hub, the Pengerang site can hold about 1.3 million cubic metres (cbm) of storage for crude oil and oil products.

IEM Shout Out – OGMTD 25th AGM

November 27, 2015

The Oil, Gas and Mining Technical Division AGM will be held at Wisma IEM Wisma IEM, Auditorium Tan Sri Prof. Chin Fung Kee, Third Floor

It will be held at 11am on Saturday, 12th December 2015.

Register here, and download the flyer here. A map to Wisma IEM is presented here.

My tenure as an adviser has come and gone, y’all and heckle us. We also need a quorum, and need to vote in a new secretary / treasurer.

Of being an oilman

November 26, 2015

Dateline 2015-10-14, NST:

AMERICAN industrialist, oilman, and at one time, the country’s richest private citizen, John Paul Getty, was once asked of attributes to his success. He said: “rise early, work hard, strike oil.”

Just as bankers know beyond any doubt that they will be around as long as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, oilmen like Petronas president and group chief executive Datuk Wan Zulkiflee Wan Ariffin whom this newspaper spoke to last week, knew that for as long as the world’s insatiable demand for energy continues, the company has a future. The challenge is in managing it properly.

Marketing Rounds – IEM SIL course

November 25, 2015

I was honoured to present my thoughts on SIL, SIF, IPF and other abbreviations to a willing crowd on the 9th September 2015.

Saturday Star 2015-11-21– Job Opportunities

November 23, 2015

Happy Rain Week. Donate to your favourite charity (me), buy my recommendations, or through my Amazon store. Or get the Young Turks series (all 4 books). Where are those corporate sponsors? Or throw donations at me, my camera dive case flooded, and I need a new replacement. Heck, if you want to send me a Canon 5D Mk III plus dive case, I will not say no.

  • ExxonMobil Research and Engineering (EMRE) is looking for people. Visit the website.
  • I’m looking for jobs for 1Q2016. Send me your POs.
  • An associate of mine is looking for a technical safety part-time adviser. 2 Associates, actually. Needs to be needle sharp with respect to QRAs, and HSE safety cases. A calm demeanor to handle nonsensical questions from young engineers helps as well. Either that, or a drinking problem.
  • Nothing much in the news. Were you expecting jobs galore? Has The Star dropped out of favour? I see more job adverts on the facebook private groups.

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Food choice of the week? Hmm.

Seen the Episode VII trailer? Booked the theater? If you say “What is episode Vii?”, I disown you.

During these trying times, perhaps you should focus on self improvement. The following are a good set of books to start automating your uncertainty budget tables.

The Cartoon Guide to Statistics, Hands-On Start to Wolfram Mathematica, Doubt-Free Uncertainty In Measurement: An Introduction for Engineers and Students

Q&A with Datuk Wan Zulkiflee Wan Ariffin

November 22, 2015

Dateline 2015-10-13, NST:

Wan Zul speaks on the Petronas venture in British Columbia, RAPID Pengerang, and investment in new technologies in the second and final part of the wide-ranging interview with the Business Times.

Q: What is the level now in terms of upstream in other countries?

A: The bigger ones in terms of gas would be a Turkmenistan, Egypt, Myanmar, Canada, Indonesia, Australia and Azerbaijan. For oil it would be Sudan, Chad and, of course, Iraq.

Revised Nuclear Bill To Be Tabled In December

November 21, 2015

Dateline 2015-10-13, Malaysia Reserve:

The revised Atomic Energy Regulatory Bill, which would pave the way for Malaysia’s use of nuclear energy for power generation, will be tabled at the next Dewan Rakyat sitting, according to sources.

The controversial bill is expected to be tabled in the last two days before the sitting ends on Dec 3, said people familiar with the revision.

The paper is being finalised by a special unit under the Prime Minister’s Department and its Minister Datuk Mah Siew Keong is expected to present it.

“The timing will be appropriate as Malaysia wants to deploy nuclear energy to meet rising energy demands and to diversify its energy sources,” a source told The Malaysian Reserve.



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