Extract from “Young Turks” – Overwhelming Odds

January 18, 2015

Information, when shared, has a way of gaining a momentum of its own. Within a few months as a group, the Task Force became knowledgeable about hydrocarbons from its formation stage right up to the marketing of crude oil and its refined product.

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Oil and gas worry in Labuan

March 27, 2015

Are part of the layin’ and slashin’?

Dateline 2015-01-23, Daily Express:

The continuing downtrend in crude oil prices which has dumbfounded even the industry’s biggest players is causing an uncomfortable feeling among hundreds here depending on the sector.

Especially now that the world’s leading oil-field services company Schlumberger is laying off 9,000 workers and slashing its global workforce by seven per cent and Halliburton, another giant, laying off 1,000 workers in the “Eastern Hemisphere”.

Both these companies have a strong presence here and have been in operation for years. Halliburton even has its own warehouse and hundreds of workers under its payroll, most of whom are highly paid.

There are about 5,000 people engaged in the oil and gas sector with the Asian Supply Base (ASB) alone having 9,000 direct staff and another 4,000 employees with supporting companies mostly using the base.

Apart from Halliburton and Schlumberger, there are production sharing companies like Shell, Petronas, Murphy Oil, Nippon Oil, Armeda Hazz, Newfield and Petronas-Carigali.


Putrajaya’s 2015 oil price forecast ‘not unreasonable’, analysts say

March 26, 2015

Now, check the actual price of oil.

Dateline 2015-01-22, Malay Mail:

Economists and industry observers have supported Putrajaya’s move to pegging its revised Budget 2015 to an optimistic oil price forecast of US$55 (RM198.5) per barrel, saying it was not an unreasonable estimate.

Although acknowledging that global prices have already dropped below US$50 per barrel instead of recovering, the analysts said predicting an annual price would be “inherently difficult” and agreed that US$55 is a realistic forecast.

“According to the most recent figures from oil futures markets, prices are expected to average about US$54 per barrel in 2015. The assumption (of US$55 per barrel), therefore, does seem realistic,” said World Bank’s senior economist for Malaysia Dr Frederico Gil Sander.

“Nevertheless, it is important for the government to be prepared in case of both higher and lower prices of oil.”

Marketing Rounds – Light Snack

March 25, 2015

Hey, when in Lahat …

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Anniversary – Exxon Valdez

March 24, 2015

EPMI engineers never forget.

Saturday Star 2015-03-21 – Job Opportunities

March 23, 2015

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  • Nothing in the papers today.
  • An associate of mine is looking for a technical safety part-time adviser. Needs to be needle sharp with respect to QRAs, and HSE safety cases. A calm demeanor to handle nonsensical questions from young engineers helps as well. Either that, or a drinking problem.
  • Hess is still looking for a measurement and allocation engineer.
  • Nothing else this week

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As crude prices are low, you need all the help you can get to nail that elusive 2k job:

Social Engineering: The Art of Human Hacking, Ghost in the Wires: My Adventures as the World’s Most Wanted Hacker, The Art of Deception: Controlling the Human Element of Security

Boris Johnson: ‘Why I had to intervene during mid-air assault’

March 23, 2015

A reason why you should hire closer to home. Also, I would like to use this article to point out that us local/ rakyat folks demand to travel business class, similar to hoity toity foreign workers. PETRONAS, stop complaining when I budget this in my proposal. And… Boris Johnson visited Malaysia?

Dateline 2015-01-16, The Telegraph:

A drunken air rage passenger was jailed for six months after Boris Johnson wrote to a court explaining how the man put the flight’s safety at risk and had to be guarded constantly.

The Mayor of London intervened after David Morris became abusive mid-flight following a drinking binge of whiskey and wine. He was arrested by police when the plane landed.

The 43-year-old oil engineer was on a plane from Kuala Lumpur when he launched the drunken attack on crew in the first class cabin after drinking in the business class lounge and on the flight.
Mr Johnson tried to calm down the abusive passenger during the air rage incident, with a member of his entourage tweeting a photo of the mid-air drama.

Terengganu reviews budget after oil prices drop – Bernama

March 21, 2015

Note that the article mentions oil prices ‘dropped slightly’. Wonder what a significant drop is?

Dateline 2015-01-16, TMI:

The Terengganu government will review its 2015 state budget tabled in December, after the recent drop in oil prices.

Menteri Besar Datuk Ahmad Razif Abdul Rahman said prior to this, the RM2.37 billion state budget was tabled with a target to continue the policy of managing a surplus budget.

He said the budget which was tabled was based on past acquisitions, adding there might be some differences as the oil prices dropped slightly.


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